The face behind SNS Tech’s social media, meet Kiwiana

“I love that apart from doing all the serious and educational responsibilities I also get to explore my creative side. Like I’m not only in charge of managing social media and writing up press releases and all that, I also get to work on creating branding materials too like, business cards, ID cards and pull-up banners. It’s an experience!”

She’s the face behind the SNS Tech social media channels and external media communications – meet Kiwiana!

Kiwiana has been with SNS Tech for eight months now and is enjoying every part of her job.

“What I do now allows me to be creative and innovative with what I do when it comes to both social media and branding materials. I’m so grateful for the opportunity, because I don’t know if I would have this much space to learn and work on the job at the same time. Plus I love that I’m able to share and educate the masses through our social media channels.”

Asked what it’s like working for SNS Tech in her role, she says, “I love that we are a team of young, intelligent, passionate individuals who just work well together with the common goal of transforming groups and organisations, and ultimately the country through technology and innovation. We all have different personalities but we work well together, and we have hardworking and passionate leaders in management who are awesome at guiding us. I guess the general commonality here is passion – we’re passionate in the individual parts we play and so when it comes to working together it just works and the synergy is there.”

Kiwiana adds she has learnt so much and undoubtedly will continue learning but there are two things she shares.

” I think the main things would be that the tech industry is massive, and in PNG we have yet a long way to go compared to the rest of the world but that’s where I see SNS Tech and even other like businesses and skilled individuals have the potential to take PNG to world standards. There is huge potential for us, and that’s exciting because we know how PNG can develop exceptionally with technology. Plus in our world changes are bound to happen and technology is definitely not an exception. So another thing I’ve learnt is that we should always keep ourselves up to date with the trends for the better. So we should always have a learning mindset no matter the industry you’re in.”

Other than work, what do you do? Sheepishly, she admits nowadays she’s either at work or at home. “Life right now for me is mostly home and work. But if I’m not working I enjoy my alone time and the peace I get from it at home,” she chuckles. “But I also like to just go on spontaneous adventures outside of my place of comfort, whether it’s just visiting friends or taking some time out of the city. I’d say I’m either a stay-home-and-maintain-my-peace person or just-leave-the-house-randomly-because-I-feel-like-it person,” she softly smiles.

“But when I have the energy and the creative urge I like working on small art & crafts projects – like crocheting, or freehand mandala art or just some DIY stuff. It rarely happens and depends on my creative urge but one of the ones I enjoyed working on was a chocolate bouquet for my sister as a graduation gift, and another one that I used myself was a coffee scrub. And all these were just learnt from video tutorials online. That’s the beauty of social media!” she grins.

Kiwiana adds, social media are actually great tools, we just have to know how to use them to our benefit – that goes for both professional and private life.


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