SNS Tech is passionate about providing modern and secure technology solutions to clients across PNG, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.

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Software Development

We’ve engineered a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly connects Xero Invoicing payments with Kina Bank’s Integrated Payment Gateway (IPG), enhancing financial operations for businesses. Through a custom URL integration, we’ve bridged the gap between Xero’s invoicing system and Kina Bank’s IPG, ensuring swift and secure payment transactions.

This innovative approach streamlines the payment process, allowing businesses to effortlessly manage their financial transactions directly from their Xero accounts. Our custom URL integration optimizes convenience while maintaining the highest levels of security, safeguarding sensitive financial data throughout the transaction journey.

At SNS Tech, our commitment to Impactful, Transformative, and Revolutionary solutions shines through in this financial linkage innovation. We’re dedicated to empowering businesses with seamless and efficient tools that redefine financial operations, elevate user experiences, and promote growth in the digital era.


SNS Tech proudly introduces ’Reedoc’, our cutting-edge cloud-based Enterprise Software poised to revolutionize hospital operations. As the brainchild of our innovation, Reedoc serves as a comprehensive solution tailored for hospitals, streamlining vital functions such as appointments, medical history management, births and deaths records, and citizen data administration.

With Reedoc, we offer hospitals an innovative avenue to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and patient care. This software encapsulates years of meticulous research and development, ensuring its alignment with the unique needs of medical institutions. From managing patient appointments seamlessly to facilitating secure access to medical records, Reedoc is a beacon of efficiency, fostering informed decision-making and elevating patient experiences.

As pioneers in the technology landscape, SNS Tech is proud to unveil Reedoc, a testament to our commitment to Impactful, Transformative, and Revolutionary solutions. This Enterprise Software signifies our dedication to shaping the digital future of healthcare, ensuring that hospitals can operate effectively while prioritizing patient well-being. With Reedoc, we’re propelling hospitals into the era of streamlined, intelligent, and patient-centric healthcare management.



Website Design

The GCCA+ SUPA project is about scaling up climate change adaptation measures in specific sectors supported by knowledge management and capacity building. The project places people in 10 Pacific Island countries at the centre of climate change adaptation efforts as the project seeks to strengthen the sectors responsible for providing water, food, health, marine resources and coastal protection.

The tender was released but SPC in November 2020 across the Pacific region, where we were selected amongst many other companies, to build and host their new web platform with various interactive tools. The website is now maintained by SPC staff in Fiji and we provide advanced technical support and server hosting duties.

Opening its doors in 1993 Solomon Breweries Limited become Solomon Islands’ first brewery. A brewer of quality beers and a range of premix beverages, today Solomon Breweries is part of global brewer HEINEKEN. When Solomon Breweries opened its doors in 1993 it becomes Solomon Islands’ first brewery.

A brewer of quality beers and a range of premix beverages, Solomon Breweries today, is part of global brewer HEINEKEN. We built their website and have been hosting it for the past 4 years, providing support for updates, security, back ups and any add-ons they may require

The new CEFI website stands as a resounding success, surpassing its predecessor in user-friendliness, informativeness, and style. Beyond aesthetics, it has become a powerful catalyst in advancing CEFI’s noble goals of promoting financial inclusion and education in Papua New Guinea.

At SNS Tech, we take immense pride in our role as architects of change in the CEFI website project. As we close this chapter, we do so with confidence, knowing that the new website will serve as a potent tool for CEFI, amplifying their impact in the realm of financial inclusion and education in Papua New Guinea.

Rooted in our commitment to innovation, the website has been meticulously crafted to be more than just a digital platform—it’s a gateway to seamless, user-friendly, and informative educational experiences. Our partnership with StreamTech Knowledge aimed to pave the way for the achievement of their lofty goals in delivering top-notch certification training courses.

Embarking on a digital odyssey, we orchestrated a comprehensive redesign and redevelopment of the StreamTech Knowledge website. This journey birthed a host of features tailored to elevate the user experience:

A User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive and welcoming, designed to enhance user interaction.

Improved Navigation: A digital compass guiding learners through a streamlined educational journey.

Informative Content: A repository of knowledge strategically presented to empower and inform.

Modern and Stylish Design: A harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality for a contemporary digital presence.

Search Functionality: Empowering users to easily locate specific certification training courses.

Enquiry Form: A seamless conduit for direct communication, ensuring enquiries are addressed promptly.

The new-look StreamTech Knowledge website stands as a triumph—a testament to our dedication to creating platforms that go beyond expectations. User-friendly, informative, and stylish, the website is more than a digital facelift; it’s a strategic tool propelling StreamTech Knowledge toward their mission of providing top-tier certification training courses.

As proud contributors to the StreamTech Knowledge website project, SNS Tech revels in the shared success of this transformative endeavor. We are confident that the newly minted website will serve as an invaluable asset for StreamTech Knowledge, empowering them to continue their mission of providing quality certification training courses.

Southern Cross Assurance Limited (SCAL), a leading health insurance provider in Papua New Guinea, sought the expertise of SNS Tech to revitalize their company website. The overarching objective was to amplify SCAL’s digital presence and cultivate a seamless online experience for their valued customers.

SNS Tech’s commitment to understanding SCAL’s goals and objectives was evident throughout the development process. Their team’s proactive communication and collaborative approach were instrumental in addressing concerns promptly and ensuring alignment with SCAL’s vision.

The resulting website is a testament to modernity and user-friendliness, featuring a comprehensive overview of SCAL’s offerings. The positive feedback and inquiries generated following the launch highlight the effectiveness of the digital transformation.

SCAL acknowledged SNS Tech’s expertise, professionalism, and dedication to delivering high-quality results, awarding them a perfect 5 out of 5 stars for the overall project experience and a commendable 4 out of 5 stars for the final product.

While recognizing the website’s positive impact, SCAL identified an opportunity to further enhance its visual appeal through refinement of graphic design skills or collaboration with a graphic designer/artist. This feedback was met with a pragmatic approach, ensuring effective communication and a timely resolution.

In conclusion, SCAL unequivocally recommends SNS Tech for future web development projects, citing their comprehensive understanding, communication excellence, and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

e-Commerce Development

We built Tapioca Delight’s e-commerce website which is responsive on all devices. Tapioca Delight has been very popular in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, serving thousands of happy customers. They have even attracted interest around PNG and abroad, and now with the BSP internet payment gateway, we were able to integrate online payments via credit card from customers around the world. This has opened up new revenue streams for Tapioca Delight – as customers abroad pay for cakes for their families in Port Moresby.

Over the course of 2 years, they have experienced significant growth through the adoption of the IPG, and are now expanding their operations around Port Moresby through increasing staff, purchasing new equipment for baking and catering as well as further investment into technology to streamline their operations and sales activates.


SNS Tech will now step in and continue to give them technology support and help them growth over the many years to come.

In a remarkable stride toward digital innovation, Zels Retail, a 100% PNG-owned SME renowned for its genuine, branded quality clothing and accessories, proudly launched its new website and online shop in August 2022.

The website stands as a testament to Zels Retail’s commitment to providing customers across the country with unparalleled ease and convenience in their shopping endeavours. Customers can now effortlessly browse, order, and make payments through the online shop, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of Zels Retail’s business landscape.

“As a business owner, my goal was to find someone to create a website,” shares the visionary owner of Zels Retail.

“I wanted to add intuitive features that would allow my customers to easily shop, as we had customers around the country who had been interested in shopping with Zels.”

The website is more than a virtual storefront—it’s a tailored experience designed to resonate with the diverse needs of Zels Retail’s clientele. To further enhance customer convenience, payments can be made using a variety of cards, including Visa Card, Mastercard, Poro Card (NCSL), MiCard (MiBank), and Kina Debit Card.

The collaboration between Zels Retail and SNS Tech exemplifies the fusion of innovation and vision, creating a digital space that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of modern shoppers.

In November 2022, SNS Tech proudly partnered with Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP) and BSP to launch a groundbreaking Not-for-Profit website-based gifting shop, marking a significant milestone in BbP’s 15-year journey.

This innovative platform empowers global donors to seamlessly contribute to BbP’s mission of transforming literacy education in Papua New Guinea.

Recognising the critical need for classroom books in schools across the country, the e-commerce shop streamlines the purchase of reader sets and library kits.

Developed by our team of dedicated developers and supported by BSP’s commitment, this initiative directly delivers tangible benefits to schools on BbP’s waiting list, fostering a brighter future for PNG’s children.

In a strategic collaboration with Mills Dental Care, we are thrilled to unveil an innovative extension to their website—a secure payment gateway designed to enhance the convenience and care for their valued patients. This transformative feature empowers patients to settle bills online, eliminating the need for in-person visits to the clinic for payment transactions.

“As part of extending our care, this payment gateway has been created for the convenience of our patients. This reduces the need to visit the clinic just to make payments and allows you to now pay your bills online,” affirms Mills Dental Care.

The online payment gateway represents a significant leap forward in patient-centric services, offering a seamless and secure method for handling financial transactions. Patients can now experience the ease of managing their bills from the comfort of their homes, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient process.

Spearheading this digital transformation aligns with Mills Dental Care’s commitment to providing holistic and patient-focused solutions. We are proud to be part of this endeavour, combining technology and healthcare to elevate the overall patient experience.

Social Media Management

SNS Tech’s partner, Reelae, engaged our team for 12 months to manage its social media presence with the primary goal of increasing brand awareness in Papua New Guinea. This goal has been achieved, particularly on Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Our services included content creation (including LinkedIn Newsletters), content scheduling, social media strategy, social listening, content optimization, and reporting, with the added value of media release distribution. 

Lesfordlati Finance Limited embarked on a digital transformation journey, entrusting SNS Tech to manage their social media presence.

A comprehensive strategy was implemented, including creating social media pages, curating content, and establishing a management plan.

Key insights emerged from the three-month endeavour, highlighting the audience’s preference for Facebook and local content.

SNS Tech recommends boosting post visibility, investing in high-quality visual content, and exploring deeper online avenues to enhance brand awareness and solidify Lesfordlati Finance’s position in the digital landscape.

In collaboration with the PNG Chamber of Resources and Energy (PNG CORE), we effectively managed their social media presence during the 16th PNG Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference & Exhibition in December 2022.

Our partnership with PNG CORE demonstrated our commitment to enhancing their online presence. This included creating engaging content, providing timely updates, and establishing an Instagram account to expand their digital reach.

As PNG CORE’s official social media voice during the conference, we effectively connected with a diverse audience. By curating content strategically, we ensured that PNG CORE’s message resonated across platforms, capturing the essence of their mission and the event’s significance.

The addition of Instagram to PNG CORE’s digital portfolio reflected a strategic move to expand their reach and engage a broader demographic. Through visually compelling storytelling, we aimed to foster a vibrant online community that mirrors the dynamism of PNG CORE’s contributions to the resources and energy sector.

Our partnership with PNG CORE extends beyond mere social media management; it’s a shared commitment to shaping a digital presence that aligns with the organization’s values and aspirations.

Virtual Reality

Coming soon

I.T Audits

SNS Tech partnered with the National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) and the National Department of Education (DoE) to enhance the technology infrastructure of Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE) centres across Papua New Guinea. Over a five-week period, SNS Tech conducted comprehensive assessments of the technology at FODE centres in the National Capital District, Daru, Lae, Goroka, and Tari Town.

The assessments involved in-depth discussions with FODE centre staff to understand their current operations and user experiences, followed by hands-on evaluations of the technology infrastructure. SNS Tech compiled detailed reports for each center, outlining actionable recommendations for future enhancements, including a roadmap for upgrading their digital infrastructure.

This initiative marks the start of a broader collaboration to expand access to quality education through FODE services. The successful implementation of pilot projects in six locations will pave the way for the establishment of additional FODE centres, further democratizing access to education through innovative digital solutions.

Digital Transformation

Pacific Architects PNG, a leading architecture company in Papua New Guinea, tasked us in February 2022 to digitally transform their business. 

We helped them to improve their IT infrastructure, reduce their costs, and increase their security. We solved a number of issues for them, including: Recovering data from their ransomware-affected server, ensuring that they could continue operating without disruption. Contracting a new internet service provider (ISP) to increase their internet speed by 900% and reduce their costs by 50%, giving them the bandwidth they need to operate efficiently and cost-effectively. Providing wireless access points throughout the office, giving them the flexibility to work from anywhere in the building. Migrating their emails and data to Office 365, giving them access to a cloud-based productivity suite that is reliable, secure, and scalable. 

In addition, we helped Pacific Architects PNG to: Refurbish their old computers for sale or donation, reducing their IT costs and environmental impact. Update their software and operating systems to the latest versions, ensuring that their systems were secure and up-to-date. Implement various IT and cybersecurity policies to protect their systems and data from cyber threats. As a result of our work, Pacific Architects PNG is now able to focus on what they do best: designing and building beautiful and functional buildings.

CareerTrackers PNG Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering underserved communities in Papua New Guinea, has partnered with SNS Tech to implement cutting-edge email hosting services. This move will enable CareerTrackers PNG Inc. to operate using a professional domain name, enhancing their communication capabilities.

CareerTrackers PNG Inc. has expressed their satisfaction with SNS Tech’s services, awarding them a perfect 5 out of 5 rating. “Any challenges were addressed efficiently and effectively by the team,” said Ellenor Iutiko, CEO of CareerTrackers PNG Inc.

The new email hosting services have boosted morale within the organization and will facilitate the implementation of the Reelae School & Learning Management System. Additionally, it will pave the way for the development of a CareerTrackers PNG Inc. webpage.

The project, completed within a week, was a testament to the dedication and collaboration between both organizations. “Overall, it was a positive and professional service experience,” Ellenor affirmed.

Organisations seeking to enhance their professional image, gain control over communication tools, and strengthen data security should consider adopting a custom domain and email hosting services.

This approach effectively elevates communication practices, fostering a sense of professionalism and effectiveness.

I.T Support

SNS Tech is a proud supporter of Papua New Guinean SMEs. One of our longtime and valued clients is Seladi-85 Architectural Design Studio, a local architecture company.

After a successful digital transformation, Seladi85 continues to engage our team for IT support, including technical troubleshooting, data backup and recovery, hardware, software, and network support, as well as implementing security measures for its data and emails. 

Since 2022, SNS Tech has provided Seladi-85 with valuable tech support, including professional and effective recommendations.

Satisfied with the service delivery from our team, Managing Director of Seladi-85, Jordan Tegabwasa says “There’s now better coordination with our staff and clients. Enjoying the service so far.”

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, SNS Tech stands as the trusted partner in ensuring Spic-n-Span’s technological infrastructure thrives. Our comprehensive IT support covers a spectrum of critical tasks, solidifying their digital framework for enhanced efficiency and performance.

From researching and evaluating new IT products to troubleshooting hardware and software glitches, our team is committed to staying ahead of the curve. We seamlessly integrate hardware and software, optimizing functionality and performance. Our user-centric approach involves providing top-tier technical support, answering questions, troubleshooting issues, and delivering training on new technologies.

As vigilant guardians of Spic-n-Span’s IT systems, we proactively monitor and maintain systems, preempting issues and fostering a consistently reliable environment. Efficient management of IT resources is central to our support strategy—we oversee user accounts, assign permissions, and track IT assets.

In the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, policies are paramount. SNS Tech develops and implements robust IT policies, covering aspects like password management, data security, and the acceptable use of IT resources.

Our role extends beyond IT support; it’s a dynamic partnership aimed at fortifying Spic-n-Span’s digital prowess. As the backbone of their technological journey, we empower Spic-n-Span to focus on what they do best while we navigate the ever-evolving IT landscape on their behalf.

I.T Consulting

As part of its I.T. Consulting services, SNS Tech was engaged to conduct a comprehensive audit of a system that had exceeded its development timeline for the Office of Censorship, a department within the Ministry of Religion, Youth, and Community Development. The Office of Censorship is tasked with safeguarding the mass media and public communication system from unwanted and offensive content that conflicts with Christian values and traditional social norms in Papua New Guinea.

In September 2023, the Office of Censorship sought a thorough examination of the system, which was intended for internal deployment and use in content classification and data allocation. The SNS Tech audit team engaged with vendors, reviewed documentation, assessed the UI, evaluated functionality, and conducted infrastructure, UI, database, and gap analysis checklisting, security and performance testing, report compilation and review, culminating in a concluding presentation of findings to the Censorship Board.

Remarkably, the audit was completed within seven days, and the client was highly satisfied with the outcomes. The client expressed gratitude for the timely delivery and submission of the audit findings, which were exceptionally detailed and well-structured. The findings surpassed the client’s expectations, as they were unaware of the issues that were uncovered. The client now has a clear understanding of their current progress, the complexities that contributed to the delays, and the anticipated end points/end product.

The client has commended the SNS Tech team for their promptness and has endorsed them for further engagements.

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