Digital Transformation

We transform organisations into the cloud by auditing exisiting I.T assets, then integrating operations with cloud technologies. Certain assets and networking infrustructure may be made redundant, giving our clients the opportuntiy to refurbish them and sell them off to raise additionl capital.

Tasks involved include:

• Cloud computing
• Technology Strategy
• Technology management
• Software support
• Digital Strategy
• Information Management
• Digital technology implementation
• Digital Marketing
• Networking
• Asset audits
• Cyber Security

Client Highlight

Pacific Architects Consortium (PNG)

Pacific Architects (PNG) has been around for over thirty years with a proven professional reputation in producing high quality projects on time and can be commended for some of the major landmark buildings in the country.

We were commissioned to carry out a complete IT Audit, and implement Digital Transformation on IT systems and business processes up to par with industry standards.

The IT Audit included work on existing network setup, software applications & operating systems, redundant technology and endpoint clients. In addition, the team implemented a file recovery on lost intellectual data, documented IT assets and retrieved server-based storage and migrated this to a cloud-based storage. An improved Wi-Fi was also implemented with the engagement of a new ISP.

Following the audit, all operating systems were upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro and configured for Windows Systems Administration. As part of the digital transformation project, the organisation integrated Microsoft 365 as the core system with new and professional emails created under the MS365 account.

Cyber security solutions recommendations were made to PAC PNG, and our team implemented and Internet Policy agreement for its staff.

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