Cyber Security

We specialise in web application security for organisation who use technology. Our goal is to improve your security posture and lower the risks of various cyber attacks through our audits, recommendations and implementation.

Tasks involved include:

• Attack surface audit
• Simulated attacks
• Attach surface audit
• Current state
• Technical scope
• Risk analysis
• Recommendations
• Implementation

Client Highlight

Seventh Day Adventist Church Australia

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church Australia (SDACA) is a religious organisation based in Wahroonga, New South Wales. The congregation comprises 10,000 members of which 20 different languages are represented.

Taking into account the organisational structure, its objectives and the security requirements our team carried out the following exercises to allow a very secure yet seamless functionality of systems including the organisation’s website, database and servers:

  • Technical Scope
  • Threat Analysis
  • Vulnerabilities & Weakness Analysis
  • Attack Modelling
  • Risk Impact Analysis; and
  • Recommendations
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