Meet the wiz behind our clients’ websites, Zira

“I’m really happy working in web development because we’re living in a time where everything is becoming digitalized and there’s no better time to be in the web development field than now.”

Meet the wiz behind our clients’ websites, Zira!

She has been part of our team for close to four months now and she’s honing her skills in software development and certainly embracing the work culture.

“I see how here [at SNS Tech] constructive criticism is seen as a space for growth, and how we have our specific tasks and we just come together.”

“We’re so up to trend,” she adds, “especially in web dev where it’s constantly changing and for me to come and see SNS Tech up to date with the trends is…you don’t find that especially in a developing country. We’re using world class technology and I see that with our clients and what we deliver. So it all comes back to how we stay up to trend and we’re able to deliver innovation.”

As with every job, there come challenges and for Zira she says one of her challenges is tuning into her creativity and activating that part of the brain to meet client requests.

As a young woman in the software development space Zira personally finds it a vast area for growth and an opportunity for stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

If she were to sum it up in one word it would be ‘bravery’.

“For young women who want to take up the web development field, software development field or you just want to code, there are so many resources online. If you really want to learn there are options out there. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and always keep in mind that you’re learning.”

“Another thing is surround yourself with people that will allow you to learn, because if you’re surrounded by people that always criticize you for not knowing enough, you’re going to think the problem is you. You actually just haven’t learnt it yet,” she continues.

And holding true to that outlook Zira has a zest for adventure.

“I love thrill-seeking!” she avidly confesses. “I love playing pool and I love travelling!” In 2021 she travelled to Bialla in West New Britain province and visited the popular site known as ‘Kerosene Wara”. It’s one of the best places she’s been to, she admits.

She’s also a fan of comedy! (Aren’t we all 😀)
“I love watching stand-up comedy. My favourite comedians are Trevor Noah and Yvonne Orji.”

“And I love reading puns online and recycling dad jokes,” she laughs. “Here’s one: What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet? Supplies!”

Apart from all the bustle, the levelheaded lass finds comfort in her alone time as well – whether it’s reading her favourite self-help book, Atomic Habits, sleeping in, or watching faith videos on YouTube.

“I always feel mentally and emotionally better. My faith is important to me,” she adds, so she always keeps a strong hold on her spiritual wellbeing.


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