Meet the wiz behind our clients’ websites, Zira

“I’m really happy working in web development because we’re living in a time where everything is becoming digitalized and there’s no better time to be in the web development field than now.” Meet the wiz behind our clients’ websites, Zira! She has been part of our team for close to four months now and she’s […]

The face behind SNS Tech’s social media, meet Kiwiana

“I love that apart from doing all the serious and educational responsibilities I also get to explore my creative side. Like I’m not only in charge of managing social media and writing up press releases and all that, I also get to work on creating branding materials too like, business cards, ID cards and pull-up […]

Partnering with Reelae for the SLMS software solution rollout

Reelae has partnered with Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE) to revolutionise the education landscape in Papua New Guinea with its School and Learning Management System – a hybrid enterprise software solution. In a momentous partnership agreement signed last Friday (18th November, 2022), Reelae will be piloting the School and Learning Management System across FODE schools […]

Supporting the work of Buk Bilong Pikinini

SNS Tech is delighted to support the work of Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP) through the development of their new web gifting shop. Thanks to this new web gifting shop anyone wishing to support Buk bilong Pikinini’s mission to help increase literacy rates in PNG, can choose to purchase reader sets (published by Buk bilong Pikinini) […]

Meet the man behind the websites, Jacob

If there was ever a concoction of a grillardin, all-action anime follower, football (soccer) devotee, programmer and probably a dash of travel adventurer, it would be him. Introducing the guy behind the websites and applications – Full Stack Developer, Jake! ‘The best part about my role is I get to sit at my desk and […]

Meet IT Operations by day and gamer by night, Boe

“One of the reasons why I love SNS Tech and why I love IT is learning new technology, whether it’s software or hardware and having to integrate those technologies to businesses and see how they improve.” Adapting well in his role, Boe says he’s awfully grateful for the opportunity to join a tech company and […]

ISO Certified in Quality Management Systems

We are proud to announce that SNS Tech is ISO Certified in Quality Management Systems. Today, SHEQ Consulting Managing Director, Benedict Oraka, presented ISO 9001:2015 Certification to the SNS Tech team. The certification is an indication that we have processes and systems in place and are dedicated to organising business processes, and continuously improve the […]

PNG-owned SME opens new online shop

Zels Retail, a 100% PNG-owned SME that supplies a range of genuine, branded quality clothing and accessories, launched its brand new website and online shop last Friday. The website offers customers the ease and convenience to order and make payments through the online shop. “As a business owner, my goal was to find someone to […]

Meet Biz Dev Specialist and Vlog Hobbyist, Gerard

“I see that the [technology] industry has the potential to pave the new way for the way we live and how we do business in Papua New Guinea especially. So that’s something I would love to be a part of – create an impact and instilling change in the lives of Papua New Guineans.” Meet […]

Happy International MSME Day

Ginia Sialis - Tapioca Delight Co-Founder & Director

Today we feature an icon in the PNG SME sector, Tapioca Delight. Tapioca Delight is one of our loyal pioneer clients. From humble beginnings, owners Ginia and Sioni Sialis continue to expand their hospitality business. What was once only a lunch sale at Ginia’s former job in 2012 became a full time operation as interest […]