CareerTrackers PNG Upgrades Technology for Enhanced Student Support and Operational Efficiency

Open macbook showcasing MS Teams.

CareerTrackers PNG Inc. is a non-profit program with a vision to provide opportunities for all students in Papua New Guinea, regardless of background, to convert their degrees into successful careers. They also aim to give PNG businesses broad access to qualified, business-savvy graduates.

CareerTrackers PNG had partnered with SNS Tech to transition their email hosting and set up their own domain name. This has boosted morale by allowing them to move off personal Gmail addresses. Having their own domain provides greater brand recognition, control, security, and scalability.

Following this successful project, CareerTrackers PNG was also able to establish a Reelae School & Learning Management System. This system will enable better training and support for students in their program.

CTPNG CEO, Ellenor Iutiko looks on as colleague, Olivia Peni, points at macbook screen.
CTPNG CEO, Ellenor Iutiko looks on as colleague, Olivia Peni, shows MS Teams.

CEO Ellenor Iutiko says, “Overall, it was a positive and professional service experience. Internally, it has boosted morale as we are no longer operating on our personal Gmail addresses. Secondly, having our own domain name will allow us to set up the Reelae School & Learning Management System needed for our operations and later set up a webpage. Overall, any challenges were addressed efficiently and effectively by the team.”

This partnership has equipped CareerTrackers PNG with better communication and efficiency tools to serve their students and partners. It has been a constructive collaboration for the organisation, as well as SNS Tech.


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