Passage Travellers Inn: Adding a Digital Touch to Hospitality

Imagine a place where comfort is redefined, where every traveller’s need is anticipated, and where convenience is the order of the day. Passage Travellers Inn, a dazzling addition to the hospitality scene is brought to you by locally-owned Gernic Investments Limited. Established in October 2022, this haven was born from the need for short-term accommodations that cater to the demands of modern travellers to Buka Island in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville – be it for business or leisure.

This haven offers a range of services that go beyond expectations, including well-furnished rooms that promise restful nights, round-the-clock front desk assistance that makes every request a breeze, an on-site restaurant serving mouthwatering delights, and tour & travel assistance that turns explorations into adventures.

The Gernic Investments website ( is the digital doorway to Passage Travellers Inn. Its modern design and user-friendly interface have transformed the way travellers engage. Visitors have acknowledged its easy accessibility, putting everything they need right at their fingertips. And it’s not just about tech – customer interactions and glowing testimonials stand as proof of the website’s impact.

“The Gernic Investments website is well-designed. Overall, the website effectively communicates the company’s services and contact details in a professional and polished manner. It was created initially to establish our online presence and market ourselves, providing credibility to our clients, especially donors and NGOs in the construction industry.”

Listening to its guests, Passage Travellers Inn is on a journey of constant improvement. Based on insights and feedback they plan on adding more features and content to the website to enhance the virtual experience for every visitor.

Crafting digital enchantment has been a pleasure for SNS Tech while collaborating with Gernic Investments to transform their vision into reality. This partnership has not only been incredibly valuable but also a seamless collaboration, where ideas have merged effortlessly to create something truly outstanding.

“We would like to express our gratitude to SNS Tech for their great support and guidance in bringing our vision to life.”

Gernic Investments Limited stands as a testament to the impact of the BLP Subsidy Scheme. This scheme addresses the challenge of accessing affordable, quality local business advice for small and medium-sized businesses in PNG and the Pacific. Through this initiative, Gernic Investments received vital financial support, utilizing services from SNS Tech, particularly in website development, contributing to their business growth.

Photo credit: N.Habitein, ZB.Miriona/Facebook


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