Digital Marvel: Tapioca Delight’s Automated Quest

Valuable client to SNS Tech and thriving catering and hospitality SME, Tapioca Delight, has reached new heights with the recent adoption of digital transformation and launch of the order management system (OMS).

The work delivered by SNS Tech included a complete IT audit, followed by the implementation of MS365 to allow increased collaboration, productivity and more security. Additionally, implementing order, customer & financial management, payment processing and systems integration, allowing a more streamlined workflow, automation and transparency.

The importance of adopting digital transformation and implementing the OMS means internally collaboration is made easier, and they can also communicate more effectively externally. Moreover, their systems and data are secure and meet business regulatory requirements, with tasks completed efficiently and automated where relevant. Integrating the e-commerce platform (WooCommerce), Point of Sales system and the Xero accounting software system, ensures that the connection between these different systems are seamless and allows for more streamlined operations for Tapioca Delight.

SNS Tech Web Developer, Zira Saonu, and Technical Lead in the OMS implementation described the work and collaboration as challenging yet very worthwhile.

“The project was not without its share of challenges; however, witnessing locally owned businesses like Tapioca Delight derive tangible benefits from the technological solutions we offer is the greatest reward.”

“Ensuring precise data mapping and synchronization between the Xero Accounting Software and the WooCommerce e-commerce platform is not a simple undertaking. We navigated the complexities of handling different payment methods, order details, delivery costs, and tax compliance in both WooCommerce and Xero, ensuring that they align with the appropriate account codes within the client’s Xero Chart of Accounts,” Zira explains.

Seeing the need to improve productivity and optimize workflows, innovative entrepreneurs and Tapioca Delight owners, Ginia and Sioni Sialis, adopted a new approach.

“Prior to the OMS project we maintained paper order forms and handwritten receipts for walk in clients which had to be manually recorded and scanned. These records were then manually typed on an Excel spreadsheet and manually entered on Xero for reconciliation. Now everything can be captured on the Point of Sale via the mobile phone or PC and these records sync to the Xero Accounting Software we use, therefore removing the manual work. Reconciling is then done from these records,” Ginia elaborates.

The connection between WooCommerce, an e-commerce platform, and an accounting software system is that they can all be integrated with each other. This means that data can be shared between the systems, which can help businesses streamline their operations and improve their efficiency.

“It was great working with Ginia and the team. They are very dedicated to learning how the OMS will improve their workflows and provided assistance during the testing phase. They played a major part in the lifecycle of the project and I really appreciate them taking time out of their busy schedules sorting out customer orders to assist us with OMS-related work,” says Zira.

“I’d also want to extend my gratitude to accountants at KTK Accountants and Tapioca Delight for their assistance in ensuring accurate data mapping and synchronization are shown on Xero,” she expresses.

Tapioca Delight has championed this territory for local SMEs – a shining example and a source of encouragement for most, if not all. By investing in the adoption of digital transformation and OMS implementation SMEs can improve efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall business success.

“An OMS and an Accounting Software like Xero need to go hand in hand, especially for home-based businesses to have a professional edge and to keep good financial records that are important for Accounting, Financing and Tax purposes. These records ultimately help you make good financial decisions for the business operations,” Ginia affirms.

“There is more to learn with the OMS and we look forward to utilising this technology to its full extent in the weeks and months ahead,” she adds.


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