Meet the man behind the websites, Jacob

If there was ever a concoction of a grillardin, all-action anime follower, football (soccer) devotee, programmer and probably a dash of travel adventurer, it would be him.

Introducing the guy behind the websites and applications – Full Stack Developer, Jake!

‘The best part about my role is I get to sit at my desk and actually do my work. And I feel like there’s union; everyone knows what to do, people are doing their jobs and there’s level communication.
‘Here [at SNS Tech] there’s a clear structure in place, everyone has specified roles and they perform those roles. Having structure is good! Plus no one’s too serious – thank goodness!’ he laughs.

‘Work is fun, considering I’m not only doing web-based stuff. When the tech guys are not available I help out [with tech support], and I’m learning a lot about processes and documentation from the business development team too.’

Being part of the SNS Tech team for seven months now, the effervescent lad expresses his contentment with how far he’s come.
‘I started working when I was 19, so I’ve had around seven years of work experience now.’
‘I’m actually content with the way things have turned out. I felt like I needed stability and I have that now after being here for some time,’ he admits.

Apart from his love for software development he revels in the kitchen or outdoor barbecue. ‘If I wasn’t a developer I’d probably be a chef,’ he jokes. ‘I watch a lot of YouTube videos!’ And after watching some of the world’s top chefs, Jake was intrigued by their specialty.
‘I’m learning now how to smoke different types of meat. It’s healthy, it retains a lot of the natural flavours and it also removes fat.’
And if he’s not cooking, he’s playing FIFA video games or watching football.

‘Manchester United – it is not a team it is a religion, it’s a way of life!’ he declares enthusiastically. ‘I supported the team since I was a kid.’ He recalls being in his school’s under 9 football team, and their uniforms branded as Man United with the badge and everything – it has stuck with him since. Even to this day, he’s up to watch his team play, no matter the time of day (talk about devotion!😄).

Being young and inquisitive has turned out positive for him. Not only does it help in his line of work, but it’s also what sparks his interest to try new things. And this is why he always operates by the saying “you never know”. Like they say, a curious mind is a healthy mind.


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