Meet IT Operations by day and gamer by night, Boe

“One of the reasons why I love SNS Tech and why I love IT is learning new technology, whether it’s software or hardware and having to integrate those technologies to businesses and see how they improve.”

Adapting well in his role, Boe says he’s awfully grateful for the opportunity to join a tech company and make a difference in the country.

“The thing I love about IT is troubleshooting and resolving issues. This is actually my first job where I’m supervising and it’s been exciting and challenging at the same time. It’s empowering too!”

After graduating as a top student in his class at ITI, the Hanuabada lad was approached to work at the institution as an IT assistant. After a few months of working, he then moved to the hospitality industry where he worked as an IT support officer – network troubleshooting, assisting clients with technical support, and more.

“I had to learn on the job, and it was a great experience for me. That was my first permanent job in IT.”

He only applied to SNS Tech after being at home due to health issues. And the rest is history.

“At SNS Tech one thing we focus on is providing solutions, whether it’s digital transformation, web development or software development. I really love how we can integrate all those technologies and help improve businesses.”

Asked what a full year at SNS Tech looks like for Boe, this is what he says: “With this company we’re trying to build local capacity and things that we’re doing and the upcoming projects it’s not about individuals but a whole communities. They’ve been deprived of a lot of services especially when it comes to tech – it’s expensive, people use cracked software or outdated technology. So with the service we’re providing I feel like we can help a lot of people. After a whole year, I’d like to look back and see how we’ve helped businesses whether it be SMEs or large corporate clients move to using great updated technology and having the confidence in using different applications.”

“On a general note, we are giving back to our people and that’s very important. As a young man, it’s something I look up to and aim to make a difference in.”

Apart from his love for IT, Boe loves his video games, football and enjoys his alone time.

“I enjoy COD. But I’m a huge football fan so I like playing the FIFA video game series! Plus I’m an introvert so I enjoy the time I have by myself. I get more time to reflect on my life and my goals. I really embrace that time being alone, it’s empowering!”


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