Tips for Individuals to Stay Safe Online

Nowadays it is really easy from scammers and hackers to retrieve important information from unsuspecting individuals. It is important to remember the basics when it comes to cyber security.
Here are a few simple yet valuable tips on how you can stay safe online:

  • Use strong and unique passwords for each of your online accounts. A strong password should be at least 12 characters long and include a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on all of your accounts that offer it. This adds an extra layer of security to your accounts by requiring a code or notification from a trusted device in addition to your password.
  • Keep your software up to date. This includes your operating system, web browser, and any other software you use regularly. Updates often contain security patches that help to protect you from the latest threats.
  • Be cautious when clicking on links or downloading attachments in emails or social media messages. Phishing scams are a common way for hackers to steal personal information, so be sure to verify the sender and the legitimacy of the link or attachment before clicking.
  • Use reputable antivirus software and keep it up to date. Antivirus software can detect and remove malware from your computer.

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