Meet the Business Development Wiz

“We get to develop and enhance businesses at a digital level, which is a whole new scope.”

Meet SNS Tech’s friendly and diligent business development specialist.

Known to many as Jeff, he has almost 15 years under his belt working in the client service, sales and accounting disciplines. Gradually working his way up, he has been learning as much as he can along the way and owes it to a positive mindset and attitude.

“I look forward to coming to work,” he says about being engaged with SNS Tech.

“With this [job] I am more involved. It’s something that’s of benefit to businesses, to SNS Tech and to myself so it’s a win-win-win situation.”

As a valued member of the team, Jeff offers professionalism and a wide business network; his affability is a bonus!

When he’s not meeting with executives or closing business deals, he revels in any fascinating fiction book or appreciates the simple company of family.

His word of advice to young Papua New Guineans is: “It’s to do with the state of mind. We should not limit ourselves. We should not be comfortable where we are – the sky is the limit; it’s better to take risks. Take that leap of faith, take that step of boldness and maybe that can bring something better… unimaginable. Don’t be too complacent.”


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