Meet Biz Dev Specialist and Vlog Hobbyist, Gerard

“I see that the [technology] industry has the potential to pave the new way for the way we live and how we do business in Papua New Guinea especially. So that’s something I would love to be a part of – create an impact and instilling change in the lives of Papua New Guineans.”

Meet SNS Tech’s business development specialist and vlog hobbyist, Gerard.

Being part of the team for almost five months now, Gerard brings with him experience from several industries including properties, finance, hospitality, logistics and corporate affairs; plus a degree in Business & Management under his belt.

“The industries that I previously worked in I was familiar with, having worked over the years. But coming here it’s something totally different and new, so it’s a good challenge.

“We have a great team and they’re showing me the ropes and making sure I get the technical jargons right.”

As a business development specialist, he deals with small business owners and CEOs, especially decision-makers. His main focus area are SNS Tech’s corporate clients. A typical day at work for the young Bougainvillean would be scoping out leads, working those leads and converting them into prospects. Then turning those prospects into clients and aiming to close some deals for the month.

“The best part about the job is getting to speak to people and figuring out how we can improve their business and how we can close the gap,” he adds.

On weekends the vlog hobbyist likes spending some time out with family and friends.

“I have a vlog but lately things have been pretty busy and I haven’t had the time to create content.”

“My vlog is pretty much a day in the life of Gerard Habitein – what I get up to with my siblings. Or if I’m travelling I take snippets of that as well. There’s always something to do here in Port Moresby or when I’m out and about so I get highlights of that and showcase it.”

Vlogging is something he enjoys sharing with the online world.

“It’s not really about views but about people enjoying my content.

“We don’t know what someone’s going through but probably my videos might make them smile. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback like ‘Hey! We watched your videos, they’re pretty cool!’ So it’s the satisfaction of knowing that people are enjoying my videos.”


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