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Scott Network Services

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Scott Network Services supply and install networks (wired or wireless), security products (firewalls), custom server builds (Microsoft or Linux), web site design, laptops and PCs repairs or configuration. We can supply and install VoIP telephony products using open source software. We design microcontroller devices (IOT) using Microchip PIC or Atmel parts. We also produce Arduino and Raspberry Pi products and can design to your requirements.Software design in projects in C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Java, TCL/TK, shell scripting, HTML coding and SQL.

SNS can also design custom PCBs for hardware projects and prototype construction.

Latest News

• May 2016 - Just trialling Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview and SQL Server 2016 RC2. The full editions of these will be released by Microsoft later this year. Initial impressions are that security is much improved in the latest versions.

• June 2016 - Microsoft has released SQL Server 2016, just installing a VM of Enterprise Edition. Express Edition is also available (for free download).

• July 2016 - Started building SNS hybrid cloud. Nano Server 2016 and Server 2016 Essentials.

• September 2016 - Microsoft announced Windows Server 2016, due to come on sale in October.

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