Small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in Papua New Guinea now have the opportunity to innovatively improve their businesses through a partnership between SNS Tech and Kina Bank PNG.

This partnership allows SMEs engaged with SNS Tech to have their websites developed or modified and enhanced with an e-commerce platform, where customers can pay for products and services instantly using Kina Bank’s internet payment gateway.

What was once only accomplished by large companies in the country is now the best move forward for these enterprises, especially in today’s digital world.

While revenue generation and customer engagement are the fundamental advantages in e-commerce adoption and implementation, there are valuable rippling effects. SMEs further expand domestic commerce, increase their competitiveness in the global market and increase their export opportunities as well.

The partnership is an affirmation of our vision:

“To offer clients creative and innovative solutions for everyday problems, with revolutionary thinking and reliable procedures during this process – in the digital and information technology space.”

While providing innovative solutions for SMEs, we aim to contribute to the country’s social and economic development through our services.

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