About Us

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values

Grow the ecosystem

Job opportunities for our people

Formalise the economy

Contribute to digitisation and technological advancement


Modernise operations

Utilise technologies 

Integrate online payment options 

Digitise organisations

Improve security posture

Honesty ‘Be truthful’ 

Adaptability ‘Flexibility is key’ 

Inspiration ‘Lead from within’ 

Loyalty ‘Through thick or thin’ 

Optimistic ‘Keep moving forward’ 

Generous ‘Exceeding expectations’

Our Team

Wemin Kawale


Samson Korawali

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Pukari Peni

Operations Specialist

Boe John Tau

IT Operations

Solomon Frank

IT Support Officer

Jacob Segodi

Full Stack Developer

Jeffrey Harou

business development specialist

Gerard Habitein

business development specialist

Kiwiana Ngabung

social media & communications specialist